Bison or Buffalo?


Is there a difference between Bison and Buffalo?  Aren’t they the same thing?

We get this question quite a lot, actually, as the masters in the marketing world easily blur the line between products made from genuine American Bison and Water Buffalo products imported from India.  Whether it’s western themed packaging, or catchy wording like “100% Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo”, it can be downright difficult for the consumer to really know what they are giving their 4 legged family members.

I recently visited a pet store where they had 100% Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo Bones for a very attractive price.   The package did not list the country of origin and a customer asked why our Bison Marrow Bones were so much more expensive.  With the country of origin  or manufacture missing completely, how would this customer know they were about to buy an Indian Water Buffalo bone?

American Bison (Bison Bison) are native to North America and have only recently been domesticated (within the past 150 years) and are a completely different species to cattle or water buffalo.  We all grew up calling them Buffalo, as the word came from french trappers who called them  bœufs.  This transformed into “buffalo” throughout America.

Asian Water Buffalo (Bulbalus Bulbalis) are domesticated and raised for thousands of years in Asia as work animals.  Once they have outlived their usefulness, they are harvested for food.

We recommend doing your homework when selecting products and look for the word “BISON” on ingredient labels.  Ask questions, look for country of origin on the labels and just know that “Tested in the USA” is not the same as “Born N Grazed In the USA”.


Say No to Glycerin, Say Yes to Tasman’s!

Patty We here at Tasman’s have been working hard to provide dogs with more than just safe Rawhide Chews.  We are creating new treats like Made in USA Jerky!  While we source the best ingredients like Anti-biotic free Chicken Breast, we have been learning about other treats and what goes into them…

To our dismay, we’ve found many treats that are thought to be quality, wholesome snacks for our pets actually contain controversial, and often times dangerous ingredients!  The most troubling of which being  Glycerin.  Recently, many food and treat companies have been using a new form of glycerin derived from Jatropha.  Jatropha is a hearty shrub that can be grown in semi-tropical and tropical areas throughout the world. Due to its high oil content and relatively low cost, the plant has recently become an attractive source material for making biodiesel.  Glycerin, which is used in nearly every Chinese made pet treat, is a by-product of the production of bio-diesel.  Even some companies here in the USA are stubborn enough to use this chemical in their treats!

Tasman’s Natural Pet promises to always go the extra mile when making your pet’s treats and chews.  Our Jerky Treats contain a very limited amount of ingredients.  For example, our Chicken Jerky only contains USA Anti-Biotic Free Chicken Breast, and a touch of Sea Salt, and our Bison Liver Jerky ONLY contains Bison Liver… Makes sense, right?  We thought so, that’s why all of our treats will contain only a few wholesome ingredients.  We’ve already seen how much OUR dogs love these treats, let us know how your dogs feel about them!

Feel free to send us video, pictures, or just an e-mail about your dogs reaction to our new Jerky Treats!  Send any response to and we will share your Tasman’s experience on our Facebook Page or our Website!

No Glycerin, No Fillers, No Non-Sense!




Keep’em Cool!

coolSummer is upon us, and that means temperatures are rising!  It’s easy for most of us to stay cool and safe during the day, but what about our dogs?  It’s important to take precautions for your pet during the Dog Days of Summer.  Tasman’s Natural Pet wants to make sure you know what to do in order to keep your dogs healthy and happy, so lets take some time to address the signs your dogs gives when he or she is over heating!

When dogs are overheated, heat stroke is the most dangerous situation.  It is most common on humid days, that occur in the early parts of summer, when your dogs hasn’t had time to adjust to the summer heat.  Older dogs, as well as short nosed breeds are predisposed to developing heatstroke.  When your dogs’ body temperature rises, many internal organs may be effected, and it can be fatal.

The earliest sign of heatstroke is excessive panting with excessive salivation.  As your dog gets hotter, their gums will begin to dry, and turn in color to a dark pink.  In some cases, your dog may have trouble standing.  In severe cases, dogs with heatstroke may experience seizures.

The best treatment is to be proactive, and make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water.  It is best to avoid exercise during the hottest parts of the day, and if your dog can’t come in doors, provide a shady spot for them to rest.  If you’re concerned that your dog is over heated, you should cool them down with cool water, and not ice cold water.  If your dog becomes weak or collapses rapid cooling is the most important thing to do before getting them to a veterinarian.

Over heating is a scary situation for your dog, but it is very easy to avoid.  As long as we all keep a close eye on our dogs we can keep them safe, happy, and healthy.  If you’d like to give your dog a fun treat that you’ll get a kick out of as well, take a hint from our friend above, and give them a nice ice bed to cool off on!




Tasman’s New Jerky Treats!

 During the past few months there have been a tremendous amount of recalls of many different dog treats.  After the most recent round of recalls, we decided to read the official report from the FDA.  We were shocked to see what was going on with the treats we give our dogs!  This got us thinking… why don’t we make treats that are made the right way?  With high quality material, limited ingredients, and in a way that makes sense?  Well, it took a lot of time and hard work, but we are proud to say that we have done it!

Our new line of Jerky Treats includes both a 100% USA sourced and made Chicken Jerky as well as USA sourced and made Bison Liver Jerky.

We were so excited about these new treats that we couldn’t wait for our official packaging to be completed!  We went ahead and made temporary packaging so that we can make these Jerky’s available to your furry companion.  In addition to the chicken and bison liver jerky, we will be introducing a Hip & Joint version of each recipe.  (The Hip & Joint recipes  will be available in a couple of weeks.)

There have been far too many jerky treats that are brittle and dry that can hurt our pets when eaten.  Our Jerky is not dried to a crisp like some you may have seen.  We make our jerky with a low, slow cooking process that is done in small batches.  We offer these treats in 3.25 oz bags because we use NO preservatives and  want our jerky to be served fresh.

For more information, check out our website,!  If you are a vendor or distributor give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to learn how to provide these new treats to your customers!




Why Bison? Why Elk?

Boxer   Recently, we were asked why we use Bison and Elk to make our Rawhide Chews.  Why are we so proud to have made our chews from this material?  It’s difficult to acquire, and no one has done it before, so why did we do it?

There are many layers to the answer of this question.  The most important portion is that we believe our, and your dogs deserve a safe, natural chew that is made properly.  Many dogs are allergic to pork, beef, or poultry.  This put us on track to find a natural material that very few dogs are allergic to.  Bison and Elk are an obscure protein source that are not often fed to dogs.  This led us to believe that rawhide made from these animals may be a Hypo-Allergenic option for dogs!  After testing our theory, we found that our hypothesis was right on track.

We also wanted to use a protein source that contains no hormones, or antibiotics.  Because Bison and Elk are raised in very natural settings (prairies) they are not exposed to hormones or antibiotics the way many beef herds are.

We believe that dogs are happiest when they are getting back to the basics.  By being able to have a product that has been made with minimal processing, and from Hypo-Allergenic materials we have been able to give many allergenic dogs back the ability to chew.  For dogs, what’s more basic than being able to relax with the pack, and have a good chew?  We are proud to provide a rawhide chew that lets dogs unleash their wild side, without ruining your new shoes.

Dark Colored Rawhide… It’s ok!


We’ve received phone calls and e-mails from customers wondering why some of our rawhide chews are darker in color than others.  Our bones take on different colors because we proudly process our rawhide as little as possible.

When our Bison and Elk chews are processed, we use only salt, water, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and a natural catalase enzyme that is found in all of our bodies.  This enzyme dissipates the hydrogen peroxide after the rawhide has been sufficiently cleaned.  Once that process is complete, our material is flushed completely with fresh water, shaped by hand, and dried!

You may be used to seeing rawhide bones that are paper white.  Other raw hides go through intense processing which includes chemical additives or dyes that give the material a uniform white appearance.  Our bones never touch these harmful chemicals or dyes.

The majority of our bones are golden brown.  Others are greyish, some are much darker, and some only have dark spots.  If you receive a dark colored bone, it’s ok.  The only reason some bones are darker than others, is that they contain more fat than the golden brown bones.  This extra fat dries and turns dark.  Rest assured that the dark bones DO NOT contain mold, or any harmful bacteria.  In fact, your dog may like the bone even more! (think if it as a nice marbling we enjoy in fine cuts of meat)

We embrace the appearance of our raw hides because we know it’s natural, loved by dogs, and above all else, SAFE.  If you ever have questions about our bones feel free to drop us a line at

We stand behind our product.  Even though the chew is safe, if you receive a dark or discolored bone and would like to switch it for another, we will be happy to facilitate your request.

Collar Size is Important!

We loveTucsonRedGrpA providing premium collars to our customers and their loyal companions.  Ever since dogs have been domesticated we have needed a way to identify the dog and it’s owner so that we can keep then safe!  That’s why we are dedicated to making top notch collars that are guaranteed to be durable, beautiful, and customizable.

We understand that buying a collar online can be tricky.  It can sometimes be hard to know the right size you need for your dog(s).  Before you make an investment into one of our collars, we would like to take time and tell you how best to measure your dog’s neck for one of our collars.

Use a measuring strip that is marked in inches, or use a string that can be placed next to a measuring tape later.  Loosely wrap the measuring tool around your dogs neck.  Then loosen it so that one or two fingers fit snugly between the tool and your dogs neck.  You now know what size you need! If the tool doesn’t have measurement markings measure the length with a tape measure.

You now know how to find the correct length to use while ordering a collar that is promised to last for years!  Remember, ordering through allows you to include a customizable equine name / ID plate! CollarMeasureTucson