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It’s allergy week at Tasman’s Natural Pet.  If you’ve ever had a dog who suffers from allergies, you know that it can be a long and aggravating process for both you and your dog.  If you have a dog who is currently suffering from allergies, then you also know that a little bit of information goes a long way.   We spoke with Jill Peterson from Solid Gold Northland  and she was able to provide some great insight into what may be the cause to some of your little buddy’s allergy problems.
Food Allergy vs. Airborne Allergy

Airborne Allergy – If your pet is suffering from runny eyes, nose, or slight cough, then they may be reacting to airborne  allergies.  Just like us, dogs can be irritated by dust, mold, or seasonal allergies like ragweed or pollen.  These symptoms may be treated by time, or a trip to your vet for ongoing cases.
Food Allergy – Food allergy symptoms include upset stomach, dry skin & poor coat quality, rubbing of the face and nose, as well as paw chewing.  Food and treat allergies can be tricky to remedy.  The first step to pin pointing the problem ingredient is to with hold all treats and only allow kibble to be eaten.  If the allergy symptoms persist, then you know that ingredients in their kibble are what’s causing problems.  If the kibble is the issue, check the ingredients.  If the food contains a large amount of grains, such as corn, flower, wheat, etc, then try a food with no grains whatsoever.  If a grain free kibble doesn’t work then providing a food with alternative type meats may help the problem.  Alternative meats in dog food include bison, elk.
Believe it or not, dogs can even be allergic to certain rawhide treats.  Tasman’s Natural Pet has received many comments from customers explaining how their pet with allergies can chew safely because our Bison and Elk rawhide is naturally hypoallergenic!

We hope this information is useful to you.  For major allergy symptoms, it is best to consult your veterinarian.  It is important to us that your pet be able each and chew without suffering from allergies because remember, they’re family.


Pet Allergy Infomation

Tasman’s Natural Pet rawhides have shown to be hypoallergenic, and safe for a many pets with allergies to chew!  Here is some more information on pet allergies.  Stay informed to keep your fury family member healthy and happy!


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