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Happy Thanksgiving from Tasman’s Natrual Pet!

At Tasman’s Natural Pet, we know that like us, you are thankful for every day you get to spend with your dog. (At least before your favorite shoes have been chewed up)  Even when we may be frustrated with our furry friends, we are still thankful to have them around.  We believe that if dogs could say what they are thankful for, they would undoubtedly say, “My Family”.

The bond between a dog and it’s owners is a special thing.  The loyalty shown by our dogs is certainly something we should all be thankful for.  We don’t often take the time to stop and think about all the reasons we love our dogs.  However, Cesar’s Way Magazine did ask people to send in their top 10 reasons of why they are thankful for their dogs.  Here are their responses! LINK

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Tasman’s Natural Pet is glad to have the opportunity to provide dogs with what we believe to be Natures Best Rawhide.  Keeping pets happy and healthy by using American products, and NO harmful chemicals is what we’re all about, because they’re family.



This week, Tasman’s Natural Pet has focused on the importance of natural food and treats for our pet’s health.  When we use the word “natural” we’re referring to foods and treats that include only ingredients that dogs may find in the wild and that undergo as little processing as possible.

Whether your dog is a new puppy, or an old timer who knows you by heart, nutrition is extremely important for development and longevity.  Just like our own diet, it’s important to be cautious of what you allow your dog to eat.  We posted THIS ARTICLE  on our facebook page listing the major benefits a natural diet provides our dogs.
But what about treats and chews?  We spend a lot of time looking at other rawhide chews.  There are some great chews available, but many leave us shaking out heads asking why companies would offer this to our dogs.  At Tasman Natural Pet, we produce our rawhides from North American Bison and Elk.  We have been told by many customers that our rawhides are safe for their dogs with beef and pork allergies!  We believe that our hypoallergenic ingredients (Bison and Elk) along with minimal processing is what sets our chews apart from the rest.
For more information about our rawhides, visit us at  Our FAQ section should answer most of the questions you may have.  We have also listed answers to a couple questions below.
Do your chews have any harmful chemicals or Bleach?
– No. In fact, we send samples from each lot to an independent laboratory in Memphis Tennessee. The results of those tests are on our website. Bleach (Chlorine) is NEVER, EVER used. We do use FDA Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Enzymes and a smidgen of Food Grade Salt to eliminate any bacteria. We do not use any harmful bacteriacides such as arsenic or formaldehyde. We also do not add any coloring agents, such as titanium dioxide.
Why are some of your Bison Rawhide Chews very dark in color?
-The answer is due to our limited processing. We do not use heavy duty industrial de-greasers, thus some of our Bison Hides will retain a slightly higher fat content than typical beef rawhides have. When these higher fat content rawhides are dried, the fat darkens, sometime extremely dark. We understand the appearance may not be as pretty as the majority of our rawhides, but they are fine for your pet.

It should be noted that many “basted” rawhides are done so to cover up the more “ugly” darkened rawhides. Ours included. We have ceased to produce the basted rawhides, thus occasionally you may encounter one. If you ever receive one of our Bison Rawhides and you are not happy with the appearance, we will replace it, no questions asked.

If you are interested in learning more drop us a line at!