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The Best Bed Around

AmBed_HomePageTasman’s Natural Pet specializes in premium goods for all dogs.  We started with rawhide chews made completely of North American Bison and Elk.  We then introduced our dog collars, which are made of premium bison leather, lined with soft elk to ensure a comfortable fit.

Now, we have out done ourselves with the Premium Bison Leather pet bed.  This pet bed is made right here in the USA by our expert leather workers in Hartford Wisconsin.   The bed’s cushion is real memory foam, which is infused with activated charcoal to neutralize everyday pet odor!  (Memory foam is inside of a waterproof protector. ) There are three choices for the bed’s exterior cover.  Faux fur, which gives the bed a great look;  durable Crypton Super Fabric, with a dog pattern; and real Bison Winter Shearling.  The Bison Winter Shearling is taken from the Bison during the winter when it is the thickest.  The bed’s frame also comes in eight different colors, and ranges in size from 16″ x 12″ for small dogs up to 54″ x 38″ for extra large dogs!

Our beds look great in any home, and are loved by all dogs.  Finally, your dog will have no reason to want to hop in bed with you!  In fact, you may become jealous of your dog when it’s time to go to sleep dog-looking-upat night.  The memory foam pad is perfect for older dogs that may have developed aching joints or arthritis.

Click HERE to check out the different colors, and materials that are offered for Tasman’s Natural Pet Bed.  Tasman Natural Pet also offers an option to order only the memory foam pad with your choice of covers.

Next time your dog hops in your bed in the middle of the night, remember Tasman’s Natural Pet has a way to keep them snoozing all night, and well into the morning.