Dark Colored Rawhide… It’s ok!


We’ve received phone calls and e-mails from customers wondering why some of our rawhide chews are darker in color than others.  Our bones take on different colors because we proudly process our rawhide as little as possible.

When our Bison and Elk chews are processed, we use only salt, water, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and a natural catalase enzyme that is found in all of our bodies.  This enzyme dissipates the hydrogen peroxide after the rawhide has been sufficiently cleaned.  Once that process is complete, our material is flushed completely with fresh water, shaped by hand, and dried!

You may be used to seeing rawhide bones that are paper white.  Other raw hides go through intense processing which includes chemical additives or dyes that give the material a uniform white appearance.  Our bones never touch these harmful chemicals or dyes.

The majority of our bones are golden brown.  Others are greyish, some are much darker, and some only have dark spots.  If you receive a dark colored bone, it’s ok.  The only reason some bones are darker than others, is that they contain more fat than the golden brown bones.  This extra fat dries and turns dark.  Rest assured that the dark bones DO NOT contain mold, or any harmful bacteria.  In fact, your dog may like the bone even more! (think if it as a nice marbling we enjoy in fine cuts of meat)

We embrace the appearance of our raw hides because we know it’s natural, loved by dogs, and above all else, SAFE.  If you ever have questions about our bones feel free to drop us a line at Info@naturesbestrawhide.com.

We stand behind our product.  Even though the chew is safe, if you receive a dark or discolored bone and would like to switch it for another, we will be happy to facilitate your request.


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