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Say No to Glycerin, Say Yes to Tasman’s!

Patty We here at Tasman’s have been working hard to provide dogs with more than just safe Rawhide Chews.  We are creating new treats like Made in USA Jerky!  While we source the best ingredients like Anti-biotic free Chicken Breast, we have been learning about other treats and what goes into them…

To our dismay, we’ve found many treats that are thought to be quality, wholesome snacks for our pets actually contain controversial, and often times dangerous ingredients!  The most troubling of which being  Glycerin.  Recently, many food and treat companies have been using a new form of glycerin derived from Jatropha.  Jatropha is a hearty shrub that can be grown in semi-tropical and tropical areas throughout the world. Due to its high oil content and relatively low cost, the plant has recently become an attractive source material for making biodiesel.  Glycerin, which is used in nearly every Chinese made pet treat, is a by-product of the production of bio-diesel.  Even some companies here in the USA are stubborn enough to use this chemical in their treats!

Tasman’s Natural Pet promises to always go the extra mile when making your pet’s treats and chews.  Our Jerky Treats contain a very limited amount of ingredients.  For example, our Chicken Jerky only contains USA Anti-Biotic Free Chicken Breast, and a touch of Sea Salt, and our Bison Liver Jerky ONLY contains Bison Liver… Makes sense, right?  We thought so, that’s why all of our treats will contain only a few wholesome ingredients.  We’ve already seen how much OUR dogs love these treats, let us know how your dogs feel about them!

Feel free to send us video, pictures, or just an e-mail about your dogs reaction to our new Jerky Treats!  Send any response to and we will share your Tasman’s experience on our Facebook Page or our Website!

No Glycerin, No Fillers, No Non-Sense!